Digital Payment Solutions

Our customers can now process tax payments (including LIRS and FIRS) through FSDH.

Customer fills the FSDH eTax form with account details to be debited, click here to download the form

Form is sent back to FSDH for processing.

PS: For non-account holder, please credit FSDH Merchant Bank account with the details below and send evidence of payment to [email protected] with your bill Reference number.

Bank: FSDH Merchant bank
 Account number: 1000103766
 Account name: Lagos State collection

Customer logins to TaxPromax to generate the Document Identity Number (DIN).

  • Select PAYDIRECT as the platform for processing, after which a DIN will be generated.
  • Send FSDH the invoice generated with an instruction stating the account to debit on the customer’s letter head.

NB: All tax payment mail should be sent to [email protected]

With the e-BillsPay platform, you can make payment from any bank branch in Nigeria directly into your FSDH account.

Follow these easy steps to get started:

1.Get registered on the e-Bills platform by FSDH

2.Walk into any bank closest to you

3.Request to make payment into your account using the e-Bills Pay platform

4.Provide the teller with the required information

NB: Your account gets credited instantly.

If your business has a website, you can collect money from your website directly into your FSDH account.

You can close out all business deals on your website, from enquiry to payment, with our payment gateway collection solution.

  • It’s simple, secure and affordable.
  • Set up is entirely free.

Our customers can now get access to FSDH POS machines. The POS terminals have been positioned in a way to collect payment with or without card.

To get started, please open an FSDH business/Corporate account, and request for the POS.

For further clarification/inquiry, please send a mail to [email protected]

Access your internet banking services on the go, using your internet connected devices

You can make quick transfers without sending an instruction to the bank, pay your bills, view transaction history and lots more.

Get started today on the FSDH internet banking, click here to begin: